The brand Merino Laminates hit the market in 1981, later the Merino Group extended its activity to the manufacture of laminates, having entered the segment of the interior with plywood in 1974.
About Merino Group: Founded in 1968, the Merino Group today has done business for US $ 165 million in various business areas including rolled products, Biotechnology (Agriculture and Food Processing) and Information Technology (IT ). We strive constantly to maintain excellence and ethics in all our businesses.
We export to 60 countries around the world, employing 3,000 people through three production centers, 19 offices in India and one office in the USA.
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Stoven Natural Veneers


Merino Group brings the warmth and the luxurious charm of natural stone with its new offering — stoven Stone Veneers. Made from real natural stone, the engineering process of combining the strength of fiberglass and thin layers of beautiful natural stone creates hundreds of new possibilities where natural stone can be enjoyed. Stoven is an innovative, eco-friendly, lightweight, flexible product that retains all the natural beauty of the Stone.

Stoven is available in 16 rich veneers. As each of the veneers are made of actual stone, the color and texture of surfaces expectedly vary, but these lovely variations only serve to add a natural beauty and appeal to the product and the projects they’re used for. Due to its durability and weather resistance this product can be used on surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Produced with a fiberglass backing and phenolic backing that allows for a surprising flexibility, stability in easy to maintain. Each veneer is also ultra lightweight which enables it to be applied to surfaces where real stone could not be used. Stoven can be used for limitless applications. Some other most popular uses are: Bathroom Walls, Showers, Kitchen  backsplashes, Decorative Stone Walls, Wainscoting, Outside Facade Surfacing, Fountains, Wall Stone Mosaics, etc.

SrCodeDesign NameFRP Standard BackingEngineered StovenCotton Fabric BackingFRP-Translucent Backing
1220 X 6102440 X 12201220 X 6102440 X 12201220 X 6102440 X 12201220 X 6102440 X 1220
19001Aqua BaseYYYYNNYN
29002Balsam Green SlateYNYNYNYN
39003Blanco SlateYYYYNNNN
49004Brick DustYNYNYNYN
59005Cuban SandYYYYYYYY
69006Dark SpruceYYYYYNYY
79007Earth CrustYYYYYYYY
89008Fox SlateYYYYYNYN
99009Knight StoneYYYYNNNN
109010Lake StoneYYYYYNNN
129012Mantle CrustYYYYYYYY
139013Peubla MarbleYYYYYYYY
159015Smoked PearlYYYYYYYY
169016Sparkled GraniteYYYYYYYN


  • 100% Natural Stone Surface
  • Harder & Stronger than slate tile by reinforcing of FRP
  • Thickness vary from 1.0 – 1.5 mm, in some material of quartzite may go upto 2.00 mm
  • Weight approx 1.65 kgs per sqm
  • Sizes : 1220 x 610 mm (All colours) 2440 x 1220 mm (Selected colours)
  • Sizes Accuracy +/- upto 2 mm in width & length
  • Angle Accuracy +/- upto 2 degrees at right angle to be expected



  • Front : Real split stone surface
  • Back : Glass Fiber reinforced with resin
  • Formaldehyde : Stone Veneer is formaldehyde free
  • Thermal Expansion (90 C) : 0.5 – 0.8 mm/m (=0.08%)
  • APPLICATION: Stoven can be used on concrete, ceramic, wood, metal, plywood, fiberglass, tile, cement board, drywall, painted surfaces, MDF, doors, cabinets, and other substrates.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Stoven can be used in the same way as any laminate product. It can be bent to a minimum radius depending on the type of stone without breaking. Testing is recommended before installation. The slates may be curved in convex or concave direction to follow the shape of the surface. Firmness and flexibility are given by the fiberglass reinforced back lining.
  • INSTALLATION: Stoven installation is easy; standard Wood and Stone working Tools are suitable for MERINO STOVEN installation.
  • PREPARATION: The preparation of the area to be covered with STOVEN slates is the same as for natural stone slabs or tiles. Prior to the application, the surfaces to be covered must be cleaned or brushed to remove traces of grease and dust. depending on the adhesive used.
  • PATTERN DESIGN: Spending time on designing the pattern will be worth. Preliminary arrangement and orientation of the individual Stoven slates allows creating patterns, textures, and colors before the final placement. Numbering the slates before cutting will save time and avoid installation mistakes.
Care & Maintenance
  • INSTALLING AND JOINT FILLING: Stoven slate can be used to create a tiling effect by leaving joints between slates. Due to the thin nature of Stoven slate, a narrow gap may give better results. Tests have shown that the use of a water based epoxy grouting performs well for filling joints. Epoxy grouting are also available in multiple colors to match Stoven slate.
  • SEALING: Stoven may be sealed with the same sealant used for stone slabs, and wood veneers. There are numerous products on the market with different application recommendations. Please tests sealants according to the desired penetration and brightness
  • PRE SEALING: Pre-sealing the Stoven slates before installation, facilitates removing excess adhesive after bonding.

SAFETY AND PRECAUTIONS:  Precautions should be taken when working with Stoven Slate. ALWAYS wear the right kind of gloves, goggles, and dust masks for protection while the fiberglass backing slates are cut. When cutting, sanding or grinding equipment is used, exhaust ducts should be properly filtered. Avoid breathing silica (quartz composite) and/or fiberglass dust; prolonged exposure to this dust might cause lung cancer or long-term injuries. Work outdoors, in well ventilated areas or use mechanical ventilation. Industry professionals recommends a NIOSH / MSHA approved respirators for this type of material.

Test Data
Sr. NoParticulars of Test carried outResultsStandard Referred to
1Density (at 23+/- 1°c) (gm/cm³)1.4ASTM D 792-91
2Water absorption in % by weight

·         At 23+/- 1°c for 24hrs immersion

·         Boiling water immersion for 2 hrs


·         1.3

·         1.5


·         ASTM D 570-81

·         ASTM D 570-81

3Flexural strength (MPa)48ASTM C 120-90
4SGC Flammability

(Time of ignition – 5sec)

Sample does not igniteAs per US code of Federal Regulations. Title 16 Part 1500.44
5Thermal Shock Resistance

(After 5 Cycle)

No visible failureASTM C 484-93

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