The brand Merino Laminates hit the market in 1981, later the Merino Group extended its activity to the manufacture of laminates, having entered the segment of the interior with plywood in 1974.
About Merino Group: Founded in 1968, the Merino Group today has done business for US $ 165 million in various business areas including rolled products, Biotechnology (Agriculture and Food Processing) and Information Technology (IT ). We strive constantly to maintain excellence and ethics in all our businesses.
We export to 60 countries around the world, employing 3,000 people through three production centers, 19 offices in India and one office in the USA.
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14478 MR

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14478 MR

Name: Cherry Horizontal Walnut

Finishes Available:

14478 MR14478 MR
1220 mm x 2440 mm (4’ X 8’)
1220 mm x 3050 mm (4' X 10')

Colours Available:

14177 SF14177 SF
Columbian Walnut

14178 SF14178 SF
Cherry Walnut


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