The brand Merino Laminates hit the market in 1981, later the Merino Group extended its activity to the manufacture of laminates, having entered the segment of the interior with plywood in 1974.
About Merino Group: Founded in 1968, the Merino Group today has done business for US $ 165 million in various business areas including rolled products, Biotechnology (Agriculture and Food Processing) and Information Technology (IT ). We strive constantly to maintain excellence and ethics in all our businesses.
We export to 60 countries around the world, employing 3,000 people through three production centers, 19 offices in India and one office in the USA.
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Acrylic PU+ Panels


Gloss Meister Panels are High Gloss Panels with PU+ Coating done on melamine based Prelaminated MDF & Particle Boards. PU+ Coating (Gloss) and Melamine surface (Surface Strength) are clubbed together to give superior High Gloss Products.

The PU+ coating is modified to overcome the limitation of existing PU coated High Gloss panels. The PU+ layer is modified to make it more elastic and flexible, thereby making Gloss Meister panels easy to cut and drill without chipping the board. “Yellowing Effect” associated with especially light coloured PU panels is completely avoided in Gloss Meister.

High Glossy Panel with Strength and DurabilityMelamine based Prelaminated MDF & Particle Board.
2440 mm X 1220 mm or 8’ X 4’6mm to 25mm


  1. CNC Cutting – To get the best results for cutting on Gloss Meister High Gloss PU + Acrylic Panels, it is recommended to be cut on a CNC Cutter.
    • Tool – preferably Sharp solid carbide tools
    • Feed Speed – Moderate feed speed of approx 20 -25 metres / min.
    • Cutting Speed – High cutting spindle speed of approx 20K rpmt
  1. Beam Saw – When using beam saw to cut Gloss Meister Panels, please ensure that blade used is sharp.
    • Tool – preferably Sharp solid carbide tipped blades with 3 to 5 Teeth per cm
    • Only fresh or grinded tools to be used
    • Speed
      • Main Saw – 4000 rpm
      • Feed – 25 mts / min
    • Always use scourer blade to avoid chipping at the back side of the panel.


  • Use steel or carbide based drills
  • Use a tipping angle of 100 to 120 degrees
  • Adjust the speed to avoid overheating of the panel.
Care & Maintenance

Cleaning procedure:

  • Normal Cleaning : Clean the surface of Gloss Meister with few drops of warm water and wipe the same with a soft cloth. If required, use a few drops of mild detergent or glass cleaner. Finish the cleaning with wiping dry with a soft cloth (micro bre cloth).
  • Stains : Stains generated by strong dyes / colours / chemicals or fat / oil are to be removed using lot of water and if required, use normal, non abrasive household cleaners. This is followed by cleaning with lukewarm water so that any residual soap, etc can be removed. Stains, in particular, should be removed immediately and should not be allowed to dry.
  • Stubborn Stains – They should be removed using ordinary plastic cleaner or glass cleaner. Please test the cleaning product in a small area before applying in full.


Not Recommended:

  1. Cleaning agents having:
  • High acid contents
  • Self cleaning properties
  • Abrasive characteristics
  • High volatile contents
  • Solvent Based cleaners


Do not apply:

  • Abrasive cleaners, pads or powder; brushes
  • Floor Wax
  • Acetone, etc.
  • Sponge Scourers
  • Methylated Spirits
  • Cloths other
  • Polish
  • Thinner
  • Steel Wool
  • Bleach
  • Petrol or oil based cleaners
Test Data
SrParametersStandardMerino Value
1Resistance to Foods & Chemical Products DIN 68861 T1   [EN 12720]1B
2Scratch Resistance BYK Gardner 12403DIN 68861 T42.5
3 Micro Scratch Resistance [Martindale]IHD -W- 466Class 1, Procedure A
4Abrasion Resistance DIN 68861 T22B
5Adhesion [Cross Cut]EN ISO 2409 [IHD-W-464]GK1
6Adhesion [Adhesive tape]IHD-W-4630 [16h, 7d and 21d]
7CrackingEN 143235
8Light FastnessGrey scale EN 14323>4
Blue scale EN 14243>6
9Resistance to Water SteamEN 143234
10Dry HeatEN 127225
11Wet HeatEN 127215
12Cold Check [40 cycle]UNE 48025No Damage
13Gross LevelDIN 67530> 90 GE [60°]
14Resistance to Impact Stress
[large diameter steet wall]
UNE EN 14323100 cm
15Dimension Tolerance+/- 0.5mm
16Bow Tolerance2mm/1m

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