The brand Merino Laminates hit the market in 1981, later the Merino Group extended its activity to the manufacture of laminates, having entered the segment of the interior with plywood in 1974.
About Merino Group: Founded in 1968, the Merino Group today has done business for US $ 165 million in various business areas including rolled products, Biotechnology (Agriculture and Food Processing) and Information Technology (IT ). We strive constantly to maintain excellence and ethics in all our businesses.
We export to 60 countries around the world, employing 3,000 people through three production centers, 19 offices in India and one office in the USA.
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Founded in 1968, the Merino Group is today a US$ 165 million group with diverse business interests which include Panel & Panel Products, Biotechnology (Agriculture & Food Processing) and Information Technology (IT).

We are driven by our constant effort to maintain Economy, Excellence and Ethics in all our businesses. We export to 60 countries around the globe, and employ 3000 people across three manufacturing sites, 19 offices in India and an office in the U.S. To know more about Merino Group, visit


In its path of continuous growth and development, Merino possesses sound infrastructure with state-of-the-art facilities and a highly skilled and trained workforce. Merino, with its two manufacturing facilities has the combined production capacity of 40 million square meters of HPL per annum. Merino’s three short cycle lamination facilities can produce pre-laminated particle and MDF boards in sizes varying from 2.5 X 6 ft to 9 X 6 ft. Following the principle of economy, Merino’s three pre-lamination lines are located in the North and South of India, ensuring minimum logistics to the customer.

Powered by the integrated approach at every stage of its operation, a printing facility has been set up to offer customised designs. A plate polishing and cleaning facility has also been installed for uniform surface finish of stainless steel moulds. Merino is the only HPL manufacturer in Asia to have a chroming and de-chroming facility that maintains chromed SS moulds, in order to produce non-directional chromed gloss plates. Merino also manufacturers its own formaldehyde and resins.

Merino has presence in all major state capitals with offices and warehouses to ensure efficient logistics and delivery. Furthermore, an in-house fleet of vehicles always ensures on-time product delivery.


Our business is built on the steady pillars of a globally relevant mission, a far reaching vision, a strong three-pronged motto.
Universal Weal through Trade & Industry
Global Competence & Global Competitiveness Synergizing Western Work Culture & Indian Ethos.
Economy  Excellence  Ethics
Explanation of Motto:
Excellence in Economy is:
Economic, when founded on Work Ethics.
Sustainable, when nourished by Moral Ethics.
Business Strategy:
Our approach is Market Driven, Knowledge Based, System Sustained, I.T Enabled, and Ethics Anchored.


We encourage adherence to safety standards, promote ease of application, strive to reduce installation time and help our customers to maintain their interiors better with usage information.

At Merino, quality is a tradition that is followed meticulously and in its entirety. Our commitment to the highest standards in manufacturing process has won certifications including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, for all our facilities.

Merino has integrated all stages of its operation through ERP, ensuring transparency and on-time information to customers and service providers.
A dedicated and focused Research and Development team works unremittingly towards continuousinnovation and improvement, resulting in an array of superior quality products. Moreover, experts from around the world are invited to strengthen our knowledge base.

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Under Merino flagship, three brand segment is in existence, they are:

INTERIOR – ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS. We understand that it’s this curious juxtaposition of thoughts and ideas that set you apart. Our decorative laminates are available in rich finishes ranging from classic matte to trendy

leather and new age jute and fabric.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. Specialized in Enterprise Solutions such as ERP, CRM, SCM, EAM, CDP, PLM, HCM, ION and business Intelligence implementation, this IT service firm provides value added services across various industries

FOOD & AGRO TECHNOLOGY. A leading brand in the country making Potato Flakes & Instant Snack Mixes, in the ready to cook market. Offering 100% classic Indian, vegetarian snacks which require only a tenth of the cooking time & effort, while retaining authenticity and pleasure of traditional cooking.


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